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Hello everyone!

You probably saw my post from last week about ITS taking care of tracking issues and troubleshooting the iMacs in the lab. Unfortunately it's come to my attention that we can't trust their methods and should be keeping our own statistics in parallel. Please do not intervene if computers have issues, but I do need you to log the issue.

1. Bookmark this spreadsheet on your web browser:
2. Do your normal hourly duties (restarting the computers in the morning and at night; waking them up to check for functionality at the top of each hour)
3. Monitor for issues after you complete the tasks of your normal rounds.
4. Do not intervene for computers that have issues.
5. Log the issue then report to the ITS student worker.
6. If after hours, log the issue then put an out of order sign on the computer.
7. Log computers that have out of order signs if the sign was put up before you started your shift.

Sample scenario:

You arrive to work at 8 am, and so does the ITS student worker. You go around the room, restarting the computers. You notice one has an out of order sign on it. After you finish all your duties, around 8:15, you check on the computers again. Two of them are stuck on the boot-up screen. You log those two on our spreadsheet, as well as the one with the out of order sign, and report all three to the ITS student worker. At 9 am, you do your hourly rounds. You notice the same two computers are still stuck on the boot-up screen and the out of order sign is still on the other computer. Log all three again and report it to the ITS student worker again. Unless s/he provides a reasonable explanation as to why the computers have not been fixed, continue logging and reporting the issues hourly as you encounter them.

Another sample scenario:

You arrive to your afternoon shift at 2 pm. You go on your rounds, waking up the computers, and everything is functioning as it should be. About 45 minutes later, a student working in the lab reports that their computer has frozen. Advise the student to move computers, log the issue on our spreadsheet, and then report it to the ITS student worker. The next time you do your rounds, check that same computer for functionality. If it is still frozen, or is exhibiting any other issue, log it again, and report it again to the ITS student worker.

The name of the game is persistence here! I expect the ITS student workers to be responsive, but we also have to hold them accountable for answers.

Logging issues on our spreadsheet provides data to show to ITS in the event they claim the issues have been fixed but we continue to experience problems.

Møns Klint beech trees in gorge 2015-04-01-4864
Seeing the forest for the trees...

I couldn't do this without you all, so I thank you so much for the help and attention to the matter!


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