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ITS at the Reference Desk // iMacs

Ray of light

A ray of light has shown down on us... we will have an ITS student worker at the Reference Desk to track and troubleshoot our technology problems (primarily the problems with the iMacs). They will be here starting at 8 am, for about 5-10 hours per day during the week.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the ITS student workers and help them feel at home!

For the next couple of months, if you notice there is a problem with an iMac while you're on shift, please bring it to the attention of the ITS student worker. S/he will log it in their system and pull crash reports from it. Reference Desk staff no longer have to track or troubleshoot the machines. If there is no ITS student worker during your shift and problems occur with the machines, just put an out of order sign on the computer.

ITS managers have assured me that the ITS students will not be on the phone all the time like before, and are only assigning their best, most seasoned students to the Ref Desk. They are also here to deal with technology problems other than the iMacs. ITS managers acknowledge we need the technology stress taken off of us, so we can focus on helping students do research and use the library.

On the topic of the iMacs, ITS is putting a new image on them this morning and we have a pretty thorough game plan to diagnose/treat the issues. You will notice some of the computers have been rearranged. We have several test computers with different hardware/software configurations that we will be running in comparison to the standard iMacs. We hope to come to a firm conclusion about a solution by the end of the semester.




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