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New Procedure for Tracking Crashed iMacs

Hello everyone! Thank you for your diligence in tracking the instances of frozen iMacs in our lab.

ITS has asked us to gather some more detailed data to help them diagnose the problem(s).
We have made incredible progress getting these machines on the road to recovery so now it's time for the extra mile!

I have put a new tally sheet out at the Reference Desk.

Click image to access PDF of the tally sheet

New Procedure for Tracking Crashed iMacs

1. Record the inventory # and date/time

2. Identify what state the computer is in that makes in unusable.
Is it stuck on the boot up screen (black screen with white task bar)?
Is it frozen with a spinning pinwheel of death on the login screen?
Is it frozen with a spinning pinwheel of death on the desktop or in a program?

3. Try to soft reboot.
You can do this by holding Option + Command + Esc to force quit a frozen program, or by going to the Apple menu -> Restart. If that doesn't work...

4. Try hard reboot.
Hold in power button until computer shuts down. Let rest for 20-30 seconds. Press power button again to turn on.
Did it work?
If not, it's time for Kelci to notify ITS...

Document all this investigation on the tally sheet at the Reference Desk.

Hopefully... with your help we WILL have functioning iMacs!
Thanks again!


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