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Held Jobs

Have you encountered the message about jobs Held on the Xerox machines?


In my experience this means that the print job specified a paper size that the machine doesn't have. If you see this, touch Job Details to see what paper size the job requires. If you see a message about Resources Required, it usually refers to requiring a specific paper size.

Once a job like this has been sent from a computer or USB memory stick, you cannot change the paper requirements -- the machine expects you to supply the required paper.

To get it to print correctly from USB, go to Program Next Job, select the file, and then change the paper requirements before hitting the green start button. The new job will hop over the held jobs and print out, forced down to the size of 8 1/2" x 11". After that, you can decide to cancel the held job or not, it doesn't matter.

See this tutorial I made:

To get it to print correctly from a computer, check the paper size in the document's settings and send it again as 8 1/2" x 11", or change the paper size in the print dialog box.

User Lock Out

If a student gets a message that they've been locked out, there is a three part response:

1) This won't last forever -- it clears on its own in 30-60 minutes (don't know the exact time limit)
2) The student probably did not log out correctly from another machine previously, and their account is locked on that machine. Advise the student to log out of the Xerox machines once they're done, to give the machine a full 3 seconds to process the logout, and to not swipe their card in and out of the reader multiple times too quickly in the future to prevent this from happening again.
3) On the original machine ("the scene of the crime"), they have to try logging in again, or they can try power cycling the machine to reset the accounts. Caution: power cycling a machine can take about 15 minutes. It takes a while for the machine to shut down and load back up properly.

IMG_0987 power cycle
Here is the power button to power cycle the machine.

Job Status

Usually going around in the Job Status menu will tell you loads about what's up with the printer, especially if it isn't printing something. See this tutorial:


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