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Card Swipe & Printing

Hello everyone! Happy New Year!

Some things have changed since you last worked, namely how you get into locked doors and where printers are located.

Card Swipe

The library is transitioning all doors that used keys and locks to card swipe entry. On the storage closet door is now a card swipe device that requires a pincode, like this:


Your access will be set up in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more information. As of now (Jan. 2, 2015), you do not have access and you must ask a Reference Department member to let you into the closet.

The staff room will have a card swipe device that does not require a pincode, which will look like this:


Once the device is installed on the staff room door, you will simply swipe your One Card to get in. Stay tuned for an update, once the device is installed and programmed with access information.

Now more than ever it is very important to remember your One Card when you come to work at the library!

Pharos / Printing

We are set to have our Pharos printers in the Reference room removed on Monday, January 5, 2015. In anticipation of shifting users to the other MFPs (multi-function printer, e.g. the large photocopy machines that copy/scan/print/email/fax/etc.), we have powered down the current printers, and they will remain powered down until taken away.

To jog your memory, we will not have printers for students to use in the Reference Room once the new Xerox machines are deployed.

It's time to start practicing the directions we will give to students and patrons to help them find the Printing Room off the Art Gallery!



You could mention to look for a bright green sign that says "Printing Room," which may help users find their way, or you may end up spending a significant portion of your shift going back and forth, or in the Printing Room itself, which is OK.


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