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Welcome back! Fall 2014 in tha house!

Hello Reference Student Assistants!

Welcome back for another great year at USF and Gleeson Library!


Here's a bit of information to get us rolling in the new year.

1. Wireless access: Over the summer, ITS made some changes to connecting to the wireless. There are now two access points: USF Visitors and USF Wireless. Students, staff, and faculty can register their devices on the USF Wireless network to gain uninterrupted wi-fi indefinitely. If you or a library patron has difficulty with this, please visit the ITS Help Desk.

Visitors and guests can use the USF Visitors access point, which will require them to input some information, including phone number and carrier. This information is arbitrary -- users can input any phone number or any carrier and will still be able to gain access. Note that the USF Visitors network has some restrictions, and may not load secure information.

You know the 1-time guest user accounts we make for affiliates and alumni? That account is still necessary for users wishing to use our hard-wired lab computers. That account will also continue to gain access to wi-fi through the USF Wireless access point.

2. Pharos, printing, and the lab: Right now Pharos is working well, and problems with the computers in the lab have been minimal. If you find otherwise, please report the problem to Kelci. If possible, have the user move to another machine, put an "out of order" sign on the problem machine to preserve the error, then send Kelci an email describing the problem and the location of the computer.

3. If all else fails... restart! Restarting a computer or printer is the magic touch that fixes A LOT of problems, especially Pharos problems.

4. Projects: This fall we are working on another list project, making a list of all books in the Reference Collection that have a green flag. Kelci will talk to you about this individually to get you trained and up to speed.

5. Now that you are here and ready to work, why don't you open up the good old Student Assistant Manual and refresh your memory on your daily duties for your shifts. Please remember to record all the Reference books you shelve in our spreadsheet.

Cheers to a great year!


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Aug. 26th, 2014 03:34 pm (UTC)
feeling refreshed!

Hannah b
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