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Summer Shift Checklist

Welcome to summer at the library!

Working during the summer at the library means you'll be required to answer less questions from patrons and work on more projects and other duties. This also means you'll be expected to motivate yourself and take more initiative. Feel like you have nothing to do? Take a look through the student assistant manual and you might get some ideas!

summer shift checklist image

First off, upon arriving to work, check the Quick Start Shift Guides in the manual. Remember you're the opener and closer, so there is a lot to keep you busy!

Full list of daily duties for summer shifts

• Store your belongings in the closet, including your phone switched to silent.
• Put on the green i lanyard.
• Fill out your e-timesheet.
• Check all technical equipment (computers, printers, scanners) for functionality.
o Restart all computers, including those in Government Documents.
o Refill paper in the printers as necessary.
o If there is an alert message on the printer, call the Copy Center to report.
o Make sure all scanning equipment is on and in good working order.

• Do an aesthetic check of the Reference Room, scanner room, and Government Documents room: throw away trash, push in chairs, pick up books, clean up the stapler area, put abandoned print jobs in the scratch paper boxes, wipe down high-use surfaces with disinfectant wipes (e.g. keyboards, mice, staplers).
• Do an additional book pick-up in the Atrium and the photocopy room on the 1st floor.
• Record and reshelve any Reference books you pick up.
• Check the Ignacio iPad stations: refill Call Number Location cards and pencils (15 cards and 5 pencils is sufficient); make sure the Library Catalog app is running; take a microfiber cloth to wipe down each screen. Check the following locations:
o 3rd Floor: North and South (2 stations)
o 2nd Floor: North and South (2 stations)
o 1st Floor: South (2 stations near Reference Desk)
o Lower Level: North (1 station by the staircase)

• Check the mail. Bring back and distribute mail for the following Reference Dept. Staff:
o Baughman McDowell, Garity, Gilgan, Kimura, Rosen, Scott, Sharifi, Spector, and Souther

• Break down and recycle any boxes in the Reference Area or cupboards.
• Check the Student Work Basket and complete any work left there. Check with a library staff person if you do not know how to proceed with a task.
• Check the blog for updates: usfreference.livejournal.com and leave a comment.
• Work on new Reference book trucks if there are any; consult with Kelci first.
• Do shelf reading.
• Ask the library staff person on duty if s/he has any special projects or if anything is going on you should know about.

Above all, here are some ideas for tasks to focus on:

• Shelf reading. Devote at least 30 minutes a day to it. Let's get those books in order, looking neat and sitting on clean shelves!

• Cleaning. Even though the computer labs are used less in the summer, it's no reason to not clean the keyboards and mice, and to a lesser degree, the screens of all the computers in the lab.

• Aesthetic checks. Take time to walk around the Reference Room and Government Documents and check for things that can be cleaned, straightened, picked up, and put in order. If you need guidance implementing an aesthetic check idea, please speak to Kelci! She would love to collaborate.

• Special projects. We'll have one or two on-going special projects this summer. Stay tuned for more information!


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