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Fun Quiz 2012

Every year I "assign" a "fun quiz" to ya'll. It's that time of year!

Directions: While you are at work, answer these hypothetical questions to the best of your ability. Describe the steps you take and the specific databases you use to answer the questions--don't just say you would search Link+... actually tell me what you found when you searched Link+.

Use any resources you usually have while you’re at work (but don’t ask the librarian! that would be cheating in this case).

Once you are done, please email your answers to me (Kelci) by March 28, 2012. You will not be graded but we will meet to discuss your answers and do training after you’ve turned it in. Thanks!

1. What duties are you required to do every shift, and at what point during your shift do you do them?

2. Someone tells you they could not find The Shock Doctrine by Klein on the shelf. What would you do? What would you tell the patron to do?

3. Someone asks you for the book Further Anglican liturgies, 1968-1975 by Colin O. Buchanan. How would you help the patron?

4. Someone is having trouble printing a PDF article his/her professor put on Blackboard. What’s your best advice to s/he?

5. Someone is taking an entry-level psychology class and needs to find empirical information on how 4-7 year olds interact with their siblings in videotaped studies. How would you help s/he?

6. Let’s say the person from number 5 asks you that question at 10:15 pm and you can’t help s/he. What other suggestions would you have for s/he? List as many options as possible.

7. A person tells you they found this great article called “Structure and Development of Centers for Nursing Research” from Nursing Education Perspectives v. 23 n.1 (Jan/Feb 2002) but they can only see the abstract of the article. How would you help them?

8. Someone comes to the desk and tells you s/he searched Library, Information Science, & Technology Abstracts but s/he can’t find what s/he needs: s/he needs the full text of scholarly articles published in the last five years about iPads and libraries. What suggestions would you have for the patron?



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Mar. 20th, 2012 02:03 am (UTC)
ooOOooo... good thing it's due after all my exams :)

-Vicki K.
Mar. 31st, 2012 11:30 pm (UTC)
wooops, I am just reading this, but I will get on it today and email you right away.
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