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(taken from the student manual, which has a wealth of useful information about many things. Please look over it the next time you are at work. I can guarantee you will learn something new.)


• If you work a continuous shift of 4 hours you are entitled to one
paid 15 minute break during your shift.

• If you work a continuous shift of exactly 6 hours, you can choose to
take a paid 15 minute break OR an unpaid 30 minute break. If you take
a 30 minute unpaid break, record 5.5 hours on your timesheet.

• If you work a continuous shift of more than 6 hours but less than 7
1/2 hours, you must take an unpaid 30 minute lunch or dinner break in
addition to one paid 15 minute break. Breaks cannot be combined or
saved till the end of the shift.

• If you work 7 ½ hours continuously in one day you must take an
unpaid 30 minute lunch or dinner break, and you are also entitled to
two paid 15 minute breaks, one before and one after your meal break.
Breaks cannot be combined, or saved till the end of the shift.

• If you are scheduled to work 8 hours, you will always record 7.5
hours on your timesheet since you must take a 30 minute unpaid meal
break (it’s the law!).

• Please check with the library staff on duty before taking breaks. If
you are working alone, please put a sign on the Reference Desk
indicating what time you’ll be back.

• You may go into the library staff room to get water or coffee (if it
is already made; please do not make a fresh pot) during any shift that
you work. The key for this room is kept at the Reference Desk. The
staff room is available for student use for meal breaks ONLY in the
evenings and on weekends. Guests are not permitted to visit you there.
You may not use the staff room when you are not working.

Auto Discard message on GoPrint Pay station

Sometimes when a patron sends a print job, the go print screen will
say AUTO DISCARD and they can't select it or pay for it. Solution:
login to the GoPrint admin site and release the job. It will then
print fine.

New 3-hole punch at ref desk

So as you may know, we got a new 3-hole punch at the Reference Desk.
Hypothetically, this is the Cadillac of 3-hole punches. It can punch
up to 300 pages at once (I witnessed this earlier today and was
impressed). If students have troubles with it, they are probably not
pressing hard enough. A student just said it was a piece of crap,
which was bothersome because it is not, he was probably just using it
incorrectly. In any event, let me know if you have questions or issues
with it so I can monitor it.

Photo of the day (8/27/10) from Wikimedia Commons: Panoramic view of the Great Court of Baalbek temple complex, World Heritage Site in Lebanon.


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Aug. 27th, 2010 11:18 pm (UTC)
Cool thanks!
Oct. 1st, 2010 07:45 pm (UTC)
good to know! btw the 3-hole puncher has been powerful!
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