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WebBridge: What the wha?

This Fall semester we are introducing a device that links full text between databases and our library's holdings and services. The formal name for this is WebBridge, but we decided to give it a more intuitive moniker: USF Find Full-text.

Basically, what this means is that in some databases you will see a little icon that looks like this , which will aid you, or the person you are helping, in finding the full text of an article.

The databases WebBridge works in are the CSA databases and the ABC Clio databases (a list will be released shortly).

How it works:

Beside every citation in a database that implements WebBridge you will see the USF Find Full-Text icon.

Click on the icon to find out if the full text is available through one of our other databases, the Library catalog, or Journal Finder. Please note, it takes a few seconds for WebBridge to link the other resources, so make sure to tell people to be patient and wait for the results page to appear!

If the full text is available through another database, the results will resemble this:

When the full-text IS available in another database, simply click on the link to the other database and it should take you to the full text. This is not yet perfect, so in some instances WebBridge will actually take you to a database that indexes the article you are looking for, but doesn't actually provide the full text. When something like that happens, please let Kelci know by supplying the article citation, the name of the database you were originally searching in, and the name of the database that incorrectly displayed as offering full text.

If the full text is not available through another database, but MAY be available in print, the results will look like this:

When the WebBridge results look like this, and you want to use the link to locate a record for the article in Journal Finder, simply click where it says "Search for... in Journal Finder."

Sometimes, when a result from a search is a book chapter, not a journal article, the WebBridge results page will look like this:

The thing with clicking on Ignacio at this point is that WebBridge tells Ignacio to search for the book as the title with the authors, so every time the results in Ignacio will come back indicating we do not have the book, when we may, in fact, have the book. So, you must look above and below the red letters and see if the title of the book you want is there.

Look, we do have the book!

If we do not have the book, you can search Link+ from the WebBridge results page, too. WebBridge inputs the data of the book with the title and author in Link+ just like it does in Ignacio, so once again, look above and below the red letters to see if the book is in the Link+ system.

And, to wrap this thing up, just as with any other journal article or book that is not available through our databases, in our library, or through Link+, suggest Interlibrary Loan to the patron if they can still not find the full text.

Please let Kelci know if you have any questions about this, but please feel free to experiment with it.


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Sep. 12th, 2006 08:50 pm (UTC)
Yay to full text. -Ann
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