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Searching For Missing Books phase 2

Hey everyone!

Great work on the first stage of searching for the missing books. In total we found about 50 books. Unfortunately, that means about 300 are still missing. So we launch phase 2 of searching for missing books.

Phase 2 involves a more complicated search strategy. See below for the procedures.

You can access the updated list at USFfiles, although there is a print-out of the list along with the procedures on the shelf where the other lists have lived.

Keep up the great work!


Searching for Missing Books
Inventory Project, Summer 2008

Pick a few pages of missing books to search. Do all the steps in Reference at once, then head up to the stacks to do all those steps with the books. Don’t go back and forth for every title. It is not time efficient.

Search for missing books the same amount of time you did the inventory project:

30 minutes for every 2 hours you work.


• Check Ignacio: check the book’s location, status, and if we have multiple copies in the library.
• Check the exact shelf location in Reference.
• Check behind the books at and around the exact shelf location—then check the center of the shelving unit down by the floor (to find books that have been pushed so far back that they have fallen between the shelves).
• Check the regular stacks.

Once in the regular stacks…

• Check around the exact shelf location. For example, if you are looking for BR 129 .G3 H43 1990, then check all the 129 .G3’s, then check 129.?? .H, then do the same in the 127’s, 128’s and 130’s.
• Check the same call number in other letter fields. For example, if you are looking for BR 41, check B 41, BS 41, BT 41, BV 41, etc…
• Check for similar or rearranged numbers. For example, if you are looking for BX 410, check BX 140, BX 41, BX14, BX 4100, etc…
• Check look alike call numbers, for example E and F, C and O, B and D

If you think you found the book…

• Check the barcode. It won’t always match, even if it’s the book we’re looking for, but if it does then we’re positive.
• Check the call number tag. It should say “REF” on it.
• If Ignacio says we only have one copy of a book, and that copy is the missing reference copy, but you find a copy in the stacks that does not say “REF” on the call number, that means something went wrong when the book was cataloged. Bring this to Kelci’s attention.
• Put the books you’ve found on a cart and let Kelci know about the ones you’ve found.


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Aug. 13th, 2008 05:30 pm (UTC)
OK, Kelci!

Aug. 15th, 2008 05:14 pm (UTC)
the search II is very well planed~if the book is there it will be hard for us to miss it~
^[]^ go REF~~~

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