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I think by now I have discussed with most of you our procedures for searching for missing reference books. If I haven't, let me know, and we will discuss!

Here's a rundown of the steps, and the list of missing books can be found here.

The paper list and instructions live on the shelf where the shelf reading log lives, the same location as the inventory list lived.


Searching for Missing Books – 1
July 29, 2008

• Search for missing books 30 minutes for every 2 hours you work:

For example, if you work from 12 noon – 8 pm search from:
12:30 – 1 pm ~ 30 min
2 – 2:30 pm ~ + 30 min
4 – 4:30 pm and ~ + 30 min
6 – 6:30 pm ~ + 30 min

for a total of 2 hours.

• Take a book truck with you and go to the stacks.

• Reference vs. Stacks copy:

Sometimes we have a copy of a book in Reference and in the stacks.

If you think you found the book, make sure it says “REF” on the call number tag. Make sure you are not mistaking the stacks copy for the Reference Copy.

Look it up in Ignacio to see how many copies we have. If Ignacio says we only have one copy of a book, and that copy is the missing reference copy, but you find a copy in the stacks that does not say “REF” on the call number, that means something went wrong when the book was cataloged. Bring this to Kelci’s attention.

• Mark the list as you find things or search and do not find them – in the “Your Name/Notes” column, write your name and “found” or “not found.”

• Put the things you find on the book truck, bring them back to Reference, and notify Kelci of what you have found by note, email, or in person



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Aug. 5th, 2008 10:04 pm (UTC)
I just went on a book search. No books turned up :(

-Andrew aka Sherlock Holmes
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