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Party Time! Excellent!

The Student & Staff Appreciation Party is this Friday (5/11) from 12 — 1:30 pm.

Courtesy of Giphy

Where: Technical Services, GL 125 (in back, by my cubicle)

Pizza and drinks will be served!

There will also be a raffle for students with cool prizes.

We will recognize the graduating students and honor them with a stole and bookplate. 

Come celebrate!


Performance Evaluations

I would like to do a performance evaluation with each of you before the semester ends. Since I am coming into this position mid-semester, this will be a casual evaluation that will help me get to know all of you. During this meeting we will discuss any goals you have for the upcoming year (if you are continuing with us). We can also talk about any arrangements you may have made with Kelci that I am not aware of. We can also check in about each of your classification levels.

These check ins will be brief and I am going to try and schedule them during your regular desk shifts. Be on the lookout for a calendar invitation from me. 

Let me know if you have any questions!


Finals and Fall 2018 Schedules

It's that time of year again! 

Before we can all leap to our summer celebrations we have to get through Gleeson's 24 hour finals week. You are expected to complete your shifts through May 19th. If you already know of any scheduling conflicts, start reaching out for coverage now. I have created a few shifts to accommodate the library's extra hours. They are listed as "up for grabs" on the calendar. Please email me (Ariana) if there are any shifts you would like to cover.

Registration is around the corner! For our returning students, please fill out the new availability form for Fall 2018. You can download it here. The deadline to submit your new availability is May 1st. As for our graduating students... please don't leave!

There are also a few shifts available over the Summer. As some of you know, summer shifts are assigned on a rotating basis. Graduating students are still able to work over the summer since employment termination occurs around the start of the new semester. So if you just can't get enough of us here at Gleeson and want to spend part of your summer in the library, let me know which months you are available/prefer to work.

Feel free to reach out with any questions. 

For all those who leave a comment on this post (or on slack) to show you have read to the end, you will be rewarded with some scrumptious candies or a healthy fruit alternative.  

Spring 2018 Schedule

I heard ya'll are registering for classes! Please fill out your Spring 2018 availability form after you get your class schedule and email it back to me (Kelci) by Thursday, November 30. Download the Word doc, fill it out, and email it in. 

CC BY-SA 2.0],
By Gregory "Slobirdr" Smith (Alaska Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)) via Wikimedia Commons

In January, before the semester starts, I will have a few open shifts. Let me know if you will be around and want to work. If so, tell me what days and times work for you. 

Fall Break 2017

Do you have plans to fly the coop for fall break? If so, you need to arrange shift coverage! 

Image by Arild Vågen - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

The library's hours are the same as usual on Saturday 10/14 and Sunday 10/15. On Monday 10/16 and Tuesday 10/17 the library is open 8 am — 6 pm. 

Please start arranging coverage now (if you haven't already). Check in with me if you are unable to find someone to cover, and we can undoubtedly work something out. 

Have fun!! 

ProQuest Training 10/26 @ 12 pm

Some of you may have used ProQuest databases like Research Library at your High School library. Here at Gleeson we have over 20 ProQuest databases, including Dissertations & Theses and RefWorks citation manager. 

A representative from ProQuest will be here on Thursday, October 26 from 12 noon — 1 pm doing a training for us. You are invited! If you can make it, you can record that time on your timesheet. 

Meet in the Seminar Room (#239) for the training. Please bring questions — it will be an interactive experience! Looking forward to seeing you there. 

Library Systems Status webpage

Have you ever had someone call and say, "Is your system down? I can't login to the databases."

Now we have a webpage you can visit to check the system status!

Leave a comment letting us know what you think!

A Message from Randy...

I have made a webpage to give information on system/database downtime or outages.

The page will show "Unscheduled Downtime" which is unexpected outages, and "Scheduled Maintenance" which are downtimes that are known ahead of time.

Patrick has kindly agreed to maintain the "Scheduled Maintenance" section and will put items in as vendors let us know of their maintenance plans.

I will maintain the "Unscheduled Downtime" section — please let me know if we have a system unexpectedly down. I also welcome allowing other folks to edit this section — let me know if you're interested.

We will no longer be posting system outage information on the library blog; and social media should link to the new systems status page if needed.

I have put a "Systems Status" button in the library homepage sidebar.

Let me know if you have questions.

(Currently there are no systems with scheduled or unscheduled downtime.)


Library Databases webpages

How we access the databases and the ways in which we can discover appropriate databases has changed. We are now using the LibGuides platform. Click through and check it out yourself. Leave a comment with your impressions. See below for more details.

A message from Randy...

The library website database landing page has changed, and the A to Z list of databases has been moved to LibGuides.

Initial navigation remains the same — you can click on the "Databases" button on the library home page, or you can use the top menu: Search > Databases.

The databases landing page is still a list of multidisciplinary databases, but the category links (such as "Hot Topics & Issues") now take you to LibGuides-generated lists.

The "A to Z List of Databases" was formerly a simple list of links, but now has gained a significant level of functionality via the LibGuides platform: you can filter the database list by subject as well as by database type.

I've done my best to categorize databases into appropriate subjects and database types, but no doubt some refinements will be necessary... The subject taxonomy that I've used is linked below, FYI.

The last remaining section of the website database pages to take care of is the "Databases by Subject" page. Many of these have already been moved to the LibGuides platform; we plan to have the rest converted by the beginning of Spring semester.

Let me know if you have questions.

Databases Landing Page:

A to Z list of Databases:

Subject Taxonomy:

Finals, Summer, and Fall Schedules

Hi everyone! Can you believe nearly only four more weeks until classes end?!

By NASA / Goddard Space Flight Center / Arizona State University (http://lroc.sese.asu.edu/posts/895) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

I put some "up for grabs" shifts on the calendar to reflect the library's extended open hours for finals. Take a look and let me know if you want to sign up for any of them.

Let me know if you want to work over summer, and your rough dates of availability. I haven't got the budget yet, but I will probably have limited hours (maybe 8-12 per week total). More information coming...

For those of you returning in the Fall to work with us, download the availability form, fill it out, and send it to me once you have registered for classes. The deadline is May 1.

I will be able to give more hours to those returning in the Fall, so if you want to work more, make sure to reflect this in the times you are available to work, as well as in the maximum amount of hours you want per week.

Also, I will be hiring 3 or 4 new people in the Fall, so if you have any friends or acquaintances that you think would make a good Reference Desk Student Assistant, send them my way!


Spring Semester Check-Ins

It's time for us to meet and do our spring semester check-in!

Choose a time to meet with Kelci to go over the annual Spring Semester review and cover some training items. The meeting will last about 1 hour and you will record it on your timesheet as paid work. It's preferable to schedule a time you are not already working at the Reference Desk, but if no other times work, you may choose that option.

Please schedule a time by clicking the image below:


Be prepared with your own questions and feedback about how the job is going for you.

Meet at the Reference Desk at the time of your appointment. Thanks!


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