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Hi everyone, thanks for the great orientation on Sunday. I value your input and feedback, and am so happy to welcome you all as a group to kick off this semester. I have a variety of things to talk to you about in this blog post.

Mobile Print

I shared the negative discoveries we made with mobile print with Purchasing, and the fellow in charge of the printing program offered to come up to give us a training on it. Please stop by if you can make it -- you will be paid if you come.
Tentatively we have it scheduled for 12 noon on Tuesday, Sept. 6.
He also explained that the "zero funds" message is a known issue and they have a ticket open with Pharos about this. Furthermore, the "my print center" that pops up and requires you to log-in is a one time thing.

USF involvement fair

Want to pick up some extra hours and help represent the library at the USF Involvement Fair? We're looking for volunteers to help set up, take down, and table at the fair anytime from 11 am - 1:30 pm on Thursday, Sept. 1. Email me (Kelci) if you want to take part.

Wanted: Book Reviews

Did you read something you loved or hated this summer? Or maybe something you went "meh" about? As in semesters past, I'm seeking book reviews to post on the library's blog, Gleeson Gleanings. I will give you an extra hour on your timesheet if you write a book review and send it to me by Sept. 13. They should be 50-100 words, tell us a little bit about the book's plot/content, and your opinion on if it was good/bad/indifferent. Here are past examples.

Schedule the Windows10 training

Please take this Doodle poll to help me schedule a Windows10 training for ya'll. I don't see it being possible to schedule a time that all of you can make, but we can at least try. Please leave a comment in this blog post telling me whether or not you already have experience with Windows10 (you own a Windows10 computer) or if you do not have experience with it. (I need everyone to comment.)
Doodle poll: http://doodle.com/poll/bb5ge3rad7fi4g2y

Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day is this weekend! The library's hours are effected, so take a look at the hours and don't show up if the library is closed! And of course, celebrate yourself for being laborers :)

Summer 2016 and Fall 2016

We're sliding down the rest of the semester on our way to summer! I know you are registering for classes this week if you haven't already. Once you get your schedule, please fill out the availability form for working Fall 2016.

I need your form by Monday, May 9, 2016.

You can download it here:

By Carlos Delgado, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=25881901
(Use the arrow download button on the top tool bar to download it in Word format, then email it back to me.)

As for summer, we may or may not be able to have student workers this summer -- I will know more when the budget is released in a couple weeks. Assuming we are able to have student workers, I will take availability based on the dates of the USF summer sessions. For each session, I will take 1 or 2 students only. This way I can ensure a certain amount of hours per week for those who do work.

Session IV (3 week session) 5/23-6/11
Session V (3 week session) 6/13-7/2
Session VI (3 week session) 7/5-7/23
Session VII (3 week session) 7/25-8/13
Last part of summer 8/15-8/22

If you are interested in working over the summer, please tell me:
1) What session(s) you are available
2) Your shift preferences (days of the week, time of day, etc.)

Please let me know that by Monday, May 9, 2016 as well. Thanks!


Poem in Yr Pocket Day

You guys are so awesome! Thanks to all who helped adorn these laminated poems.

Stake your claim! On Thursday April 21, which is Poem in Your Pocket Day, we'll be doing a poetry pop up at lunch time and giving these away. I hope you can swing by to get one of these keepsakes.

Gleeson is doing a bunch of other stuff for National Poetry Month, too. Check out the blog post on Gleeson Gleanings for details.
Hello everyone!

You probably saw my post from last week about ITS taking care of tracking issues and troubleshooting the iMacs in the lab. Unfortunately it's come to my attention that we can't trust their methods and should be keeping our own statistics in parallel. Please do not intervene if computers have issues, but I do need you to log the issue.

1. Bookmark this spreadsheet on your web browser:
2. Do your normal hourly duties (restarting the computers in the morning and at night; waking them up to check for functionality at the top of each hour)
3. Monitor for issues after you complete the tasks of your normal rounds.
4. Do not intervene for computers that have issues.
5. Log the issue then report to the ITS student worker.
6. If after hours, log the issue then put an out of order sign on the computer.
7. Log computers that have out of order signs if the sign was put up before you started your shift.

Sample scenario:

You arrive to work at 8 am, and so does the ITS student worker. You go around the room, restarting the computers. You notice one has an out of order sign on it. After you finish all your duties, around 8:15, you check on the computers again. Two of them are stuck on the boot-up screen. You log those two on our spreadsheet, as well as the one with the out of order sign, and report all three to the ITS student worker. At 9 am, you do your hourly rounds. You notice the same two computers are still stuck on the boot-up screen and the out of order sign is still on the other computer. Log all three again and report it to the ITS student worker again. Unless s/he provides a reasonable explanation as to why the computers have not been fixed, continue logging and reporting the issues hourly as you encounter them.

Another sample scenario:

You arrive to your afternoon shift at 2 pm. You go on your rounds, waking up the computers, and everything is functioning as it should be. About 45 minutes later, a student working in the lab reports that their computer has frozen. Advise the student to move computers, log the issue on our spreadsheet, and then report it to the ITS student worker. The next time you do your rounds, check that same computer for functionality. If it is still frozen, or is exhibiting any other issue, log it again, and report it again to the ITS student worker.

The name of the game is persistence here! I expect the ITS student workers to be responsive, but we also have to hold them accountable for answers.

Logging issues on our spreadsheet provides data to show to ITS in the event they claim the issues have been fixed but we continue to experience problems.

Møns Klint beech trees in gorge 2015-04-01-4864
Seeing the forest for the trees...

I couldn't do this without you all, so I thank you so much for the help and attention to the matter!

ITS at the Reference Desk // iMacs

Ray of light

A ray of light has shown down on us... we will have an ITS student worker at the Reference Desk to track and troubleshoot our technology problems (primarily the problems with the iMacs). They will be here starting at 8 am, for about 5-10 hours per day during the week.

Please feel free to introduce yourself to the ITS student workers and help them feel at home!

For the next couple of months, if you notice there is a problem with an iMac while you're on shift, please bring it to the attention of the ITS student worker. S/he will log it in their system and pull crash reports from it. Reference Desk staff no longer have to track or troubleshoot the machines. If there is no ITS student worker during your shift and problems occur with the machines, just put an out of order sign on the computer.

ITS managers have assured me that the ITS students will not be on the phone all the time like before, and are only assigning their best, most seasoned students to the Ref Desk. They are also here to deal with technology problems other than the iMacs. ITS managers acknowledge we need the technology stress taken off of us, so we can focus on helping students do research and use the library.

On the topic of the iMacs, ITS is putting a new image on them this morning and we have a pretty thorough game plan to diagnose/treat the issues. You will notice some of the computers have been rearranged. We have several test computers with different hardware/software configurations that we will be running in comparison to the standard iMacs. We hope to come to a firm conclusion about a solution by the end of the semester.


A message from our colleague Janet Carmona in Access Services...

Dear colleagues,

It's that time of year again!

Over the next few weeks members of two review committees will be stopping by the circulation desk to review the 2016 applicants for the Distinguished Teaching and Distinguished Research Awards, respectively.

The applications vary in size (some are in 3-ring binders, some are books, some are in manila envelopes) and are at the end of the Reserves shelf, just after the "z" books on Reserve. There are two shelves, one for Teaching Award applicants and one for Research Award applicants. You can keep track of the applicants here.

They are checked out as 2 hour LUO Reserves.

Access Services, I anticipate several more applications coming in (I have yet to receive the Distinguished Teaching Award applications). Please accept any on my behalf if I am away and place them on my desk for processing. I will make an announcement on the student wiki, but please give them a heads up and keep watch for anyone asking for them.

Let me know if you have any questions.

How do I cite this?

Hello everyone!

As you all know, we receive a lot of questions about citing sources at the Reference Desk. And we all love to be helpful!

While the library provides many tools to help students cite sources, we do not actually check citations for students. There are a couple reasons for this. One, the Learning and Writing Center offers this service (imagine how peeved we would be if the Learning and Writing Center started offering instruction on how to search Ignacio or the databases). Two, we don't want librarians and/or student assistants to be held responsible for a student getting marked down for an incorrect citation. Last, the librarians with whom you work do not check citations or generate citations, and we need to align our services so that patrons do not have unrealistic expectations.

As usual, our main mission is to help our patrons access and utilize information resources. This means we provide RefWorks, highlight the citation tools in the databases, link to the Purdue Owl site, and offer the style manuals in print and online. We will also help students navigate these resources, e.g. find the section on citing a web site in the Chicago Manual of Style.


I know all of you really like to be helpful and go above and beyond the call of duty. It makes you feel good and it makes me feel good as your supervisor. However, it's also important to draw boundaries (with this and many things in life). In this case, you should draw your boundary and refer students to the Learning and Writing Center if they need their citations checked or their essay proof-read.


The Learning & Writing Center

2130 Fulton Street,
Cowell Hall, Room 215
San Francisco, CA 94117-1045
TEL: (415) 422-6713
FAX: (415) 422-2194

Learning Center Hours:
Friday: 8:30am-5pm

Writing Center Hours:
Monday-Thursday: 10am-8pm
Friday: 10am-5pm

Writing Center Drop-in Hours (in Gleeson Library):
Monday-Thursday: 1-4pm

New Procedure for Tracking Crashed iMacs

Hello everyone! Thank you for your diligence in tracking the instances of frozen iMacs in our lab.

ITS has asked us to gather some more detailed data to help them diagnose the problem(s).
We have made incredible progress getting these machines on the road to recovery so now it's time for the extra mile!

I have put a new tally sheet out at the Reference Desk.

Click image to access PDF of the tally sheet

New Procedure for Tracking Crashed iMacs

1. Record the inventory # and date/time

2. Identify what state the computer is in that makes in unusable.
Is it stuck on the boot up screen (black screen with white task bar)?
Is it frozen with a spinning pinwheel of death on the login screen?
Is it frozen with a spinning pinwheel of death on the desktop or in a program?

3. Try to soft reboot.
You can do this by holding Option + Command + Esc to force quit a frozen program, or by going to the Apple menu -> Restart. If that doesn't work...

4. Try hard reboot.
Hold in power button until computer shuts down. Let rest for 20-30 seconds. Press power button again to turn on.
Did it work?
If not, it's time for Kelci to notify ITS...

Document all this investigation on the tally sheet at the Reference Desk.

Hopefully... with your help we WILL have functioning iMacs!
Thanks again!

Spring Break & Easter 2016

Spring Break

Indeed in the middle of the drudgery it seems like Spring Break will never come.

...but in reality it's only 2 1/2 weeks away!

By © Dietmar Rabich, rabich.de - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=44683599

Spring Break is March 14-18. The library's hours will be shortened that week, so your normal shifts may be affected. You can check the schedule to see. On the other hand, if you are doing something fun and exciting instead of working, we'll need to figure out coverage.

In the past I have made a special schedule for the week. This year I think we'll play it by ear.

Please let Kelci know by Friday, March 4th if:

- You will be unavailable to work and need shifts covered
- Your shifts are cut because of our different hours and you're concerned about not working enough

I will try to use this info to gauge the need for action on my end.

If I don't hear from you, I will assume you're happy with your schedule that week and that you'll be here for your normally scheduled shifts.

The Easter Holiday

Easter is March 27 this year. USF observes the Easter Holiday starting on Maundy Thursday (March 24) at 4 pm, and the library's hours are affected.

By Dominicus Johannes Bergsma - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=45705493

Just a heads up to check the schedule for March 24-27 (click "week" in the top right corner to change the view) so you don't show up when the library is closed! Thanks and I hope you all enjoy the long weekend.

Periodicals Tags in Gimlet

Gimlet, oh Gimlet, let me count the ways...

...to record questions about periodicals!

Remember to use the periodicals, periodicals_print, and/or journal_finder tag every time you help someone find the full text of an article.

Some examples:

If you did a holdings check for Journal of Child Development using Journal Finder and found the article in one of the databases, use the periodicals and journal_finder tags, and include the name of the journal in the question box.

If you helped a person find the full text of an article by clicking on the "USF: Find Full-Text" button and discovered it is available only in print in the library, use the periodicals_print tag and include the name of the journal in the question box.

Remember that both holdings checks (where you look up our holdings info for the person) and research questions (where you explain how to use Journal Finder and navigate the online holdings) can both be about periodicals, in which case you would use one of the periodicals tags.

This is helpful for library staff for a variety of reasons. One, it gauges the usage of particular periodicals when the name of the journal, newspaper, or magazine is included, which contributes to collection development. Two, it helps determine what is being used that is only in print, so the E-Resources/Acquisitions team can make informed decisions about what electronic backfiles of periodicals to subscribe to in the future.

For your edification, I uploaded the Reference Department's guide to Gimlet Best Practices, which is our internal document that guides our use of Gimlet. Take a look if you're interested!



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