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For those who work opening shifts...

If you work the first shift of the day, please remember to restart every computer when you do your first rounds and aesthetic check.

ITS thinks that one cause of our troubles with the iMacs is that they don't get restarted since the library is open 24/5. Of course I know you guys have been restarting the machines, and that restarting shouldn't matter in this way, but let's make sure to do it so we can prove to ITS that isn't the issue.


Meet & Greet 2016

Thank you all very much for coming to the Meet & Greet on Saturday. The day worked out very well and I am so thrilled you all made it.

Meet & Greet Agenda available for download

Remember my extra credit offer if you can track down the actual book from where the William James quote came. Good luck!

I printed out everyone's head shot from the photo shoot and put them in your folders. When you're at work, please decorate/embellish it as you see fit, with your name clearly written on it. Help yourself to the color paper in the back cabinet and any other supplies you can find. Put it in Kelci's mailbox and once they're all done, she'll adhere them to the poll.

Student Appreciation Party

Celebrate yourself!

Student Assistant Appreciation Party
Thursday, December 10
12 noon - 1:30 pm
Staff Room, Gleeson Library
Pizza and drinks will be served.

Hope to see you there!


Hello student assistants!

It's time for you to let me know what your schedule is going to be next semester. I also want to know if you want to work during Winter Intersession.

Please access one of the formats of the schedule form below, fill it out, and return it to me -- either electronically or physically. If you do it electronically, I recommend downloading the form, filling it out in Word, then attaching it to an email.

Send it to me by Monday, Nov. 30, 2015.

Link to schedule form (.doc)
Link to schedule form (.pdf)

I am looking for student assistants who want to work in December after the semester finishes (Dec. 18, 21, 22, and 23) and/or in January during intersession (Jan 2 - 23). If you are interested, please email me the dates/days you are available, the times of day you are available (e.g. morning, afternoon, closing shift, etc.), and how many hours a week you're looking for. Please note, during these date ranges the library is open M-F 8 am - 6 pm and Sat. 10 am - 6 pm (closed on Sundays).

I am going to be hiring a couple people for Spring, so if you have friends or relatives looking for a library job, send 'em my way. Thanks!

Halloween at Gleeson

We're having a costume contest and a pumpkin decorating contest to celebrate Halloween. Please see below for details:

Pumpkin Decorating Contest

From Penny in Reference:

What? Show your creativity and fun-loving spirit by decorating the outside of a mini pumpkin. Use our materials or bring your own!

Where? Staff Room, Gleeson Library. All materials and pumpkins are on a book truck, go decorate whenever you have a break!

When? Start decorating now! Pumpkins must be finished by noon on Friday, October 30.

Voting will occur right after, from noon- 3 PM on Friday. Ballots and a ballot box will be provided in the Staff Room.

Who? You!

Why? To celebrate the season, have fun, and maybe win a prize!!!

Questions? Talk to Penny in Reference!

Costume Contest

From Amy in Reference:

Come to work in costume this Friday and enter the Halloween costume contest! This year we will post the costume photos online so everyone can vote for their favorites 👻

• Group photo will be at noon on Friday 10/30 by the library fountain

• If you can't make the group photo, email Amy (akgilgan@usfca.edu) a photo of yourself in costume by noon on Friday 10/30

• Online voting form will be live from 1-3pm on Friday

• Creative and spooky costumes encouraged, but please avoid costumes that perpetuate race & class stereotypes.

Also visit my animatronic Halloween Village in the Rare Book Room! The village will be on display from 9-5pm on Friday 10/30 & Monday 11/2.


We've all got those frustrating calls from students who are off campus and can't gain access into the library's databases. They are difficult calls to solve because there is rarely a silver bullet, and they require tenacious troubleshooting.

Here are some tips to deal with this issue.


Can they log into myUSF? If so, proceed down this list. If not, refer them to the ITS Help Desk (x6667).


Have the patron log into their library record by going to this link:
(this is the same as if they navigated to the 'view your library record' button on the library home page)

-> Did it work? If so, starting at the Library homepage, have them navigate to the database they want to enter in the same Internet Browser Window and see if they can get in. It should work.
-> If it didn't work, have them tell you specifically what the error message says and write it down. Sometimes this can shed light on the problem. If you end up passing on the problem to a librarian, give them this error message.


Ask if they recently changed their myUSF password.
We've seen a lag between myUSF syncing with the proxy server that database access requests go through, unfortunately. Tell the patron to try their old password. If it works, they are set until the servers sync, at which point they can try their new password. If that doesn't work...


Verify that their patron record is active and has no holds. To do this, get the patron's first and last name and ask a librarian or someone at the Circulation Desk to look up the patron in Sierra, our patron database. If there is a problem, it will be revealed at this point. If there is not a problem and the record it up to date and active, then...


Advise the patron to clear their cache, cookies, and saved password (if they saved it). It's worth a try although it usually acts more as a placebo. You may have to look up directions online based on their operating system and Internet browser if they don't know how to do it on their own. You can also advise them to try a different browser, which is sort of a similar strategy.


Last option is installing the Virtual Private Network (VPN) software. This software makes their computer act like it is on campus so they won't be prompted to login to the databases. ITS can assist with technical problems doing this, so if the patron has difficulty, advise them to call the Help Desk at (415) 422-6667.


Whether or not you totally solved the problem, ask them if they want someone to follow up with them, and get their name, email address, and phone number. Pass that on to Kelci, Randy, or the librarian with whom you're working that day. If they don't want to have us follow up, at least encourage them to call back and update us if the situation changes.

Thank you very much for helping patrons with these difficult technical difficulties!

Planning for Fall Break

Fall Break is in 2 weeks!

On Monday and Tuesday, October 19 and 20, the library's hours will be 8 am - 6 pm on account of Fall Break.

Let Kelci know if you need to miss work due to Fall Break plans. If your shift falls within a time that library will be closed and you want to pick up hours to make up for it, let Kelci know too.

Whatever you do for Fall Break, I hope it's enjoyable and restful -- we all need a break to get some fresh air now and again.

Seljalandsfoss, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-16, DD 201-203 HDR.JPG
"Seljalandsfoss, Suðurland, Islandia, 2014-08-16, DD 201-203 HDR" by Diego Delso. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


Hello everyone, we have new software on the PCs in the Reference Department computer lab. It's called ArcGIS and it is used to map data.

> It's installed on all 11 PCs in the lab
> If a computer is free, an interested party may sit down and start working. We do not reserve the computers for ArcGIS use
> The X-Arts Lab and the lab in Harney 104 also are loaded with the software
> No library staff person is expected to troubleshoot or offer training on the software. Questions can be directed to Megan Danielson (mjdanielson@usfca.edu) who is the Environmental Science Lab Coordinator.
> Carol Spector (Reference Librarian) brokered this relationship, and is interested in its use in the library, so she can help with basic questions if she is around.
> A training "bootcamp" is in the works for anyone interested in learning the software... details coming later.

Yay maps!

Tracking your hours

Hello everyone, I am writing to clear up some confusion about the form sent to you used to track your work hours. This form is from the Dean's Office and you should fill it out every week.

It will not be emailed to you every week -- it is your responsibility to bring up the form on the last day of the week you work and input your hours. You can either find the original email and fill that out again, or you can follow this link to use the web-based form.

I recommend putting an alert on your Google calendar on your last shift of every week so you'll get a reminder.

For our purposes, we'll consider a week as Sunday - Saturday.
If you work on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday, for example, then you would fill our your form on Thursday before you leave your shift, and you would record the hours for those three shifts.

I definitely get that it's redundant. The good news is, it's working! Because everyone's been using the form, the Dean's Office has been able to prevent some overtime from happening.

Thanks and keep up the great work.

Staplers in the printing room

**EDIT 10/5/2015
The staplers have officially been returned to the manufacturer to be replaced. Once we get new ones, they will be deployed to the printing room. Until them, continue locking up/unlocking the manual staplers in the printing room at night and in the morning.

The electric staplers in the printing room have experienced some sort of problem that our ball point pen unjamming trick can't fix. I have temporarily removed them until I hear back from the manufacturer about troubleshooting tips.

We've got a couple old fashion manual staplers back there now, both requiring standard staples. The standard staples are labelled appropriately and hidden behind the closest printer. You can stock them up!

For the students who work the closing shifts Sunday - Thursday, please lock up these staplers as well as the others at the Reference Desk.

For the students who work the opening shifts Monday - Friday, please put these staplers back in the printing room when you unlock them.



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