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Hi everyone,

As I've mentioned, we will no longer have printers in the Reference Room in Spring 2015. We will have MFPs (multifunction printers) that can print, photocopy, scan, fax, and more, and the closest machines will be the cluster in the copy room off the Art Gallery.

As you can imagine, that will offer opportunities as well as pose some challenges. One thing on my mind is the best way we can redirect students to the copy room off the Art Gallery for printing. Another challenge we'll have is deciding how much presence and support to offer students using those machines to print.

My thought is to rebrand the room to make it more obvious that those machines are printers; we could do that by calling the room "The Printing Room" or "The Print Room." My other thought is to make a little video to post on YouTube that shows someone traveling from Reference, through the Art Gallery, and into the copy room to print.

In the comments, please leave your thoughts on:
1) Problems or challenges we'll have to address with this change, and
2) Some solutions for dealing with the main task of efficiently redirecting patrons

I'm looking forward to our virtual brainstorm!

just print it

Gleeson Staff Holiday Party!

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You are cordially invited to the Gleeson Library Student Assistant and Staff Party!
Thursday, December 4, 2014
12 noon - 2 pm
Del Santo Reading Room, Lone Mountain

Hope to see you there!

Holiday Party Invitation 2014


Update on Printer Defaults

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Hello! The issue I spoke of in my last post has been resolved. Once again printing to "Pharos B&W" means the print job will be in black and white. All the printers default to double sided again.

One other issue has come up in relation to the printer software update that wiped the defaults. It also wiped the presets. You probably remember our easy presets to pick between Double-Sided and Single-Sided, seen below on the iMacs in the lab.



These presets got wiped out on the Mac Minis, so hang in there while ITS fixes it. Thanks!
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Hi everyone!

Over the past week, I did software updates on the Mac Minis in our lab. Today I verified that one of the updates messed up our settings to print to the "Pharos B&W" queue, so that all print jobs sent to that queue still print in color (if there is color data in the file).

Currently this problem is only affecting the Mac Minis, not the Windows machines nor the iMacs.

You may have more patrons asking why they are being charged for color print jobs when they have selected the B&W queue. Here are instructions on how to set the job to black and white manually:

From the print dialog box, click on the menu Copies and Pages then select Printer Features. From Printer Features, change the color mode to black and white.

This is a stop gap measure and I hope to work with ITS to fix this asap! Thanks!

In other programs, the Copies and Pages menu will be the name of the program, i.e. Firefox.


Getting ready for Spring 2015...

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spring 2015 schedule
"Dülmen, Umland, Sonnenaufgang -- 2012 -- 9" by © Dietmar Rabich, - Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 via Wikimedia Commons -,_Umland,_Sonnenaufgang_--_2012_--_9.jpg#mediaviewer/File:D%C3%BClmen,_Umland,_Sonnenaufgang_--_2012_--_9.jpg

It's that time of year again! You're about to register for Spring classes, so it's time to give me your availability for work.

You can download a Word doc of the form, or a PDF of the form and return it to me via email or in my mailbox by Monday, December 1.

Also, please let me know if you want to work in January before the Spring semester starts.



Halloween Contests Results

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The results (and the pics!) from the 2014 Gleeson costume contest are in!

Most Creative Costume: Ava & John H
Most Dedicated: Christian
Creepiest: Amy
Judged by Erin L.


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Furthermore, the results (and the pics!) from the 2014 Gleeson pumpkin decorating contest are in!

Pumpkin winners:
1st place -- Prickly Pumpkin Hedgehog (Breana)
2nd place -- La Catrina (Janet)
3rd place -- Mermaid (Claire)


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It's never too early to start planning for next year... get those creative juices flowing!


Halloween at Gleeson!

Where r da missing books?
Celebrate Halloween at Gleeson by competing in the costume contest and decorating a mini-pumpkin!


Last year's decorated pumpkin winners

Details here, from Amy Gilgan.
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Calling in Sick Procedure

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Hi everyone! This is a reminder that you must call the Reference Desk if you're sick and can't make it to work. Do not solely email or call Kelci. Please call as soon as you can.

You do not have to arrange shift coverage for a shift you miss due to illness, but I do appreciate a quick email to your coworkers and me.

Save 415-422-2039 in your phone and please remember to call the Reference Desk. Thanks!

Calling in Sick 2
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Did any of you read a really good book this summer? Or maybe one that you didn't like? Now's your chance to tell the world!

I am looking for volunteers to write a brief (100-300 words) review of one book you read over the summer. I will give you an hour on your timesheet for writing the review, and will then publish it on the library's blog, Gleeson Gleanings. Maybe you remember last semester's posts?

The deadline is Sunday, September 14. Looking forward to seeing what you're reading!


Pornography in the computer lab

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Hello student workers!


Have you heard of the American Library Association (ALA)? They set standards all libraries adhere to, and have established the Library Bill of Rights, from which we support and protect many freedoms: freedom of information, academic freedom, intellectual freedom.

In a document called Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights, the academic library leg of ALA says:

Open and unfiltered access to the Internet should be conveniently available to the academic community in a college or university library. Content filtering devices and content-based restrictions are a contradiction of the academic library mission to further research and learning through exposure to the broadest possible range of ideas and information. Such restrictions are a fundamental violation of intellectual freedom in academic libraries.

Here at Gleeson, we take this very seriously. We allow all our patrons to access and view any type of information, including pornography on the computers in the labs.

If you receive a complaint about someone viewing "offensive" materials in the library, please explain that we support academic freedom and do not police the materials or information our patrons are consulting. As delicately as possible, help the offended party find a place to conduct their research and/or lab work -- suggest a different lab, suggest a laptop checkout, suggest more private places in the library, such as a study carrel in where one will not be bothered by what others are viewing.

Thank you for your help in protecting academic freedom, and let me know if you have questions or concerns.


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