Calling in Sick Procedure

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Hi everyone! This is a reminder that you must call the Reference Desk if you're sick and can't make it to work. Do not solely email or call Kelci. Please call as soon as you can.

You do not have to arrange shift coverage for a shift you miss due to illness, but I do appreciate a quick email to your coworkers and me.

Save 415-422-2039 in your phone and please remember to call the Reference Desk. Thanks!

Calling in Sick 2
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Did any of you read a really good book this summer? Or maybe one that you didn't like? Now's your chance to tell the world!

I am looking for volunteers to write a brief (100-300 words) review of one book you read over the summer. I will give you an hour on your timesheet for writing the review, and will then publish it on the library's blog, Gleeson Gleanings. Maybe you remember last semester's posts?

The deadline is Sunday, September 14. Looking forward to seeing what you're reading!


Pornography in the computer lab

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Hello student workers!


Have you heard of the American Library Association (ALA)? They set standards all libraries adhere to, and have established the Library Bill of Rights, from which we support and protect many freedoms: freedom of information, academic freedom, intellectual freedom.

In a document called Intellectual Freedom Principles for Academic Libraries: An Interpretation of the Library Bill of Rights, the academic library leg of ALA says:

Open and unfiltered access to the Internet should be conveniently available to the academic community in a college or university library. Content filtering devices and content-based restrictions are a contradiction of the academic library mission to further research and learning through exposure to the broadest possible range of ideas and information. Such restrictions are a fundamental violation of intellectual freedom in academic libraries.

Here at Gleeson, we take this very seriously. We allow all our patrons to access and view any type of information, including pornography on the computers in the labs.

If you receive a complaint about someone viewing "offensive" materials in the library, please explain that we support academic freedom and do not police the materials or information our patrons are consulting. As delicately as possible, help the offended party find a place to conduct their research and/or lab work -- suggest a different lab, suggest a laptop checkout, suggest more private places in the library, such as a study carrel in where one will not be bothered by what others are viewing.

Thank you for your help in protecting academic freedom, and let me know if you have questions or concerns.

Checkin' the iPads


As you all know, one of your duties is to check all the Ignacio/Catalog iPad stations around the library--wipe them down with the microfiber cloth and make sure they are displaying the catalog search screen.

Over the summer, ITS upgraded the wireless network on campus, which has wreaked havoc on the iPads' connectivity.

If you notice an iPad has fallen off the wi-fi, please do the following:

• Get a paperclip and bend it so you can push the home button through the tiny hole in the case
• Go to Settings > Wi-Fi > and select "USF Wireless"
• Launch the Kiosk Pro Lite app and do a test search to confirm it is connected
• Report which iPad(s) had the problem to Kelci

Thanks for your help!

Librarian Debbie Benrubi demonstrates searching the library catalog on an iPad station


Welcome back! Fall 2014 in tha house!

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Hello Reference Student Assistants!

Welcome back for another great year at USF and Gleeson Library!


Here's a bit of information to get us rolling in the new year.

1. Wireless access: Over the summer, ITS made some changes to connecting to the wireless. There are now two access points: USF Visitors and USF Wireless. Students, staff, and faculty can register their devices on the USF Wireless network to gain uninterrupted wi-fi indefinitely. If you or a library patron has difficulty with this, please visit the ITS Help Desk.

Visitors and guests can use the USF Visitors access point, which will require them to input some information, including phone number and carrier. This information is arbitrary -- users can input any phone number or any carrier and will still be able to gain access. Note that the USF Visitors network has some restrictions, and may not load secure information.

You know the 1-time guest user accounts we make for affiliates and alumni? That account is still necessary for users wishing to use our hard-wired lab computers. That account will also continue to gain access to wi-fi through the USF Wireless access point.

2. Pharos, printing, and the lab: Right now Pharos is working well, and problems with the computers in the lab have been minimal. If you find otherwise, please report the problem to Kelci. If possible, have the user move to another machine, put an "out of order" sign on the problem machine to preserve the error, then send Kelci an email describing the problem and the location of the computer.

3. If all else fails... restart! Restarting a computer or printer is the magic touch that fixes A LOT of problems, especially Pharos problems.

4. Projects: This fall we are working on another list project, making a list of all books in the Reference Collection that have a green flag. Kelci will talk to you about this individually to get you trained and up to speed.

5. Now that you are here and ready to work, why don't you open up the good old Student Assistant Manual and refresh your memory on your daily duties for your shifts. Please remember to record all the Reference books you shelve in our spreadsheet.

Cheers to a great year!

Interlibrary Loan Turn Around Times

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What's Interlibrary Loan (ILL)? It's a service we provide in where we attempt to obtain materials from other libraries that we do not own/have access to.

Historically, the line has been "It can take 10 days to 4 weeks" to receive an item. However, thanks to a new program, the waiting time has been drastically shortened. Please read the following message from Matt Collins, sent on behalf of the ILL department:

Good People,

I want to make sure we are setting the appropriate expectations when talking to patrons about how long it takes to get an item from ILL

A typical article is available in about 2 business days and can be as short as a few hours.
A typical book is available in 10 business days and can be as short as a few days.

yes a worst case scenario is still 2-4 weeks but that is very rare

I'd like to communicate the more positive typical expectation to our patrons.


Have you used ILL? If so, how long did it take to receive your materials?


Cleaning Apple Keyboards in the Lab

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You guys are so great at cleaning the Apple keyboards in the lab that they're breaking! :)

Don't try this at home...

Seriously though, I've discovered over the last couple weeks that 4 or 5 of the Apple keyboards are malfunctioning or not functioning at all, and I am pretty sure it is from our aggressive cleaning. To prevent our keyboards from future damage but to also keep them clean, please observe the following guidelines:

- Take care that liquid and moisture do not penetrate behind the keys into the aluminum casing.
- If the wipe you're using is particularly moist, wipe lightly and scrub or dry with a paper towel. Don't press it so hard that the moisture soaks behind the keys.
- Try using a cleaning method other than a disinfectant wipe, such as rubbing alcohol and a paper towel. Rubbing alcohol works well because it evaporates quickly so it won't cause the same water damage.

Industrial strength paper towels, rubbing alcohol, and the disinfectant wipes are all at your disposal. Check in the cabinet behind your work computer, or in the supply closet on the right side of the shelves.

Thank you for your help preserving our keyboards while keeping them clean!

Summer Shift Checklist

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Welcome to summer at the library!

Working during the summer at the library means you'll be required to answer less questions from patrons and work on more projects and other duties. This also means you'll be expected to motivate yourself and take more initiative. Feel like you have nothing to do? Take a look through the student assistant manual and you might get some ideas!

summer shift checklist image

First off, upon arriving to work, check the Quick Start Shift Guides in the manual. Remember you're the opener and closer, so there is a lot to keep you busy!

Full list of daily duties for summer shiftsCollapse )

Above all, here are some ideas for tasks to focus on:

• Shelf reading. Devote at least 30 minutes a day to it. Let's get those books in order, looking neat and sitting on clean shelves!

• Cleaning. Even though the computer labs are used less in the summer, it's no reason to not clean the keyboards and mice, and to a lesser degree, the screens of all the computers in the lab.

• Aesthetic checks. Take time to walk around the Reference Room and Government Documents and check for things that can be cleaned, straightened, picked up, and put in order. If you need guidance implementing an aesthetic check idea, please speak to Kelci! She would love to collaborate.

• Special projects. We'll have one or two on-going special projects this summer. Stay tuned for more information!


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Join us for the end of the year student and staff appreciation party at the library!

Friday, May 9, 2014
12 - 1:30 pm
Thacher Gallery

Year-End Staff & Student Appreciation Party INVITATION

We will have lunch, beverages, a raffle, and the presentation of honorary name plates in books selected by our graduating students!

Hope to see you there!


Want to work this summer?

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summer 2014

We'll have some hours available for student assistants this summer. Even if you are graduating next month, you can still work over the summer.

If you want to work, send Kelci the following information by May 1:

• What dates you are available
• How many hours / week you want to work
• What time of day you prefer to work



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