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Fight Fake News

I encourage you all to head over to the Gleeson Gleanings blog and read Carol's post on the topic of discerning fake news from real news. You can get an hour on your timesheet if you leave a comment on the post with any relevant tips or anecdotes, or any meaningful discussion of one of the news articles she linked at the bottom.
You are required to leave a comment on this post so Kelci knows you are aware of the scheduling protocols.

By Külli Kolina - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=49113249

With the online manual and embedded calendar working well for us this semester, we are going to try using it to arrange shifts for finals and winter intercession, which is different than we've done it in the past. (We won't use the paper calendar we've used in the past.)

Please carefully consult the schedule calendar and then follow these protocols:


• You are expected to work your normal shifts until the last day of finals, Thursday, December 15, 2016.
• If you cannot work one of your normal shifts, please email Kelci the info about the shifts you can't work so she can mark it as "needing coverage" on the calendar for others to see.
• Then, email your coworkers asking if anyone can cover.
• There are some open shifts during finals -- take a look at the calendar with an eye out for shifts labeled "Up for grabs." Let Kelci know if you want any of those. They are first come, first served.

After the semester ends and winter intersession:

• There are open shifts on Friday, December 16 -- Thursday, December 22, as well as during intersession from Tuesday, January 3 -- Friday, January 20.
• Take a look at the calendar and likewise let Kelci know if there are any shifts you want to sign up for -- all open shifts are marked "Up for grabs."
• These shifts are also available on a first come, first served basis.
• As usual, let Kelci know of any difficulties or questions you may have.


Spring 2017 Schedules + Winter Break

Hi everyone!

I know Spring registration begins next week, so it's time to start thinking about your work schedule for Spring. Once you've registered, please download this Word document by using the arrow at the top right of the screen, fill it out, and email it back to Kelci in Word format.

By Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=42540203

The last day of the current semester schedule is Thursday, December 15.

Winter break schedule covers Friday, December 16 -- Saturday, January 21. (The library is closed December 23 - January 2.) If you are interested in working during this time, please let Kelci know.

The first day of the Spring semester schedule will be Monday, January 23.


Panic Button

There is now a "panic button" under the ledge of your side of the Reference Desk. Pressing it conveys a direct message to the Department of Public Safety. Use it if you find your safety threatened. If you accidentally press it, you can call Public Safety to cancel it at 415-422-4222.

Tracking Computer Problems - Spreadsheet

We're back to the grind of tracking crashed or frozen computers. We had an iMac get stuck on the boot-up screen this morning, so let's start keeping a record of our intervention with computers in the Reference Room.

Click here to access the spreadsheet

By Charlesjsharp - Own work, from Sharp Photography, sharpphotography, CC BY-SA 4.0

Feel free to track issues with Mac Minis, PCs, or iMacs on the spreadsheet, but I suspect most of the issues will occur on the iMacs.


New Popular Reading Collection

You'll notice a new location in the catalog:

Please see the blog post about Gleeson's new Popular Reading Collection over at Gleeson Gleanings to get the full scoop and find out where these books are kept.

It's pretty cool!

Display TV By Reference

To all those who work opening shifts:

Thank you for your diligence in trying to get the display TV on the wall going each morning! I am sorry it's been a bit troublesome.

For now I think we can leave the display screen off, unless there is a display there in the nook. Looks like the next display is scheduled to go up Oct. 12 (an election day display).

At that point we should have the adapter for the computer screen in the room, which will make it easier to get the display TV going.

Woo hoo!

Oktoberfest 2015 - Impression 5.JPG
By Martin Falbisoner - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=43548473

Office 2016

Library patrons are requesting Office 2016 -- Excel, Powerpoint, Word 2016.

At this time, virtually none of the computers in our Reference Lab have it. Once the PCs get replaced (soon), they will have it -- will let you know when that happens.

However, the Windows10 PCs on the second floor computer lab have Office 2016.

Yesterday I encouraged ITS to keep their website up to date with software specs for computers labs on campus, so hopefully they will take heed. But as of now, it is not accurate or helpful.

I believe ITS plans to update all lab computers to Office 2016 by the end of the year. Office 2016 is available for Mac and PC. I believe students can also get a copy of it for free through the ITS E-Store. Direct patrons to the ITS Help Desk if they have questions about that.


We're trying to better secure the Reference staff area overnight, so I have a couple of updates to your opening and closing duties.

Closing Shift Duties

When you work a closing shift, please include turning off the computers in the Reference Consultation Room (directly behind the Ref Desk) and the display monitor (adjacent to the room) to your duties.

Also, before you leave, put up the sign at the Reference Desk area that says, "Reserve this area for the use of library staff." It is stored in the cupboard at the front of the Ref Desk.

Opening Shift Duties

When you work an opening shift, please include turning on the computers in the Reference Consultation Room (directly behind the Ref Desk) to your duties. If applicable, turn on the display monitor and start the presentation as well. Check with the staff person on duty if you don't know if it should be turned on or how to start the presentation.

And of course, remove the sign that says, "This area is for library staff use only." Put it one of the cupboards in the front of the Ref Desk.

I have also added this info to the Manual on LibGuides.

Windows 10 training

Save the date and please come if you can! This is a paid training opportunity, and will help you advance through the classification levels (more on this later). Even if you can only come for 20 or 30 minutes, it will be worthwhile.

Tuesday, October 4
12 noon - 1 pm (will probably end earlier)
Gleeson Library
Electronic Classroom

Various Updates

My Print Center


Bookmark this website and use it to upload and manage print jobs. It is very handy when you're helping a patron print. Instead of "sending" a print job from the computer, a student can upload it to this online portal, and can change the settings to color/b&w, double sided, number of copies, etc.

Consultation Room (The Room Behind the Ref Desk)

Today I got the computers set up in our new consultation room. The librarians will begin meeting with students in one-on-one research sessions in there. It is for staff use only.


Today we moved the scanners. One is now in between the Ref Desk and the West stairwell (near the old storage closet). The other is located by the Xerox MFPs on the 2nd floor.

iMacs Now Restart Automatically

Also today I had ITS set up a function on the iMacs (the computers that always freeze) so they restart whenever someone logs out. You will notice that after someone logs out, it goes to the login screen for 10 seconds, and then it restarts.

Safari Doesn't Work on the Mac Minis

Some of you may have noticed that Safari does not work on the Mac Minis. Unfortunately, I can't fix this (it's tied to the version of the OS on the Mac Minis). Advise patrons to use Firefox or Chrome, or switch to an iMac or PC.

Less Clutter at the Ref Desk

Lastly, in an effort to reduce the clutter at our downsized Reference Desk, I have made a new, consolidated "How to Print" handout and I have removed the handout holders, the scratch paper bin, and some other things. I plan to reduce our stapler family and retire the hand sanitizer pump. Please direct folks to the floor-standing hand sanitizer dispenser near the Circ desk.

I would encourage you to practice saying, "Sorry, we don't have that" when patrons ask for things we removed, like special staplers or tissues. I am trying to practice it myself, which is hard because I'm definitely a people pleaser!

Also, the handout holder that used to be in the electronic classroom is now near the Ref Desk. Although its many empty slots are tempting, we're still trying to keep it fairly minimalist. But it looks great there!

2nd Monitor at Your Work Station

There is now a second monitor connected to the computer at your work station. Please use this monitor and its keyboard/mouse to show patrons what you are doing on your computer, to teach them how to do something, to allow them to be "in the drivers seat" when searching or completing tasks. Remember, we want to teach 'em "how to fish" rather than give them a fish. To control the displays, press the Windows key + P.

Setting it on duplicate will show the same thing on both screens. When you're not helping someone, you want to return it to "extended."


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